Virtual Private Servers

VPS, or Virtual Private Server, has become popular in the last few years. It is a type of web hosting account that is divided into different spaces – the bandwidth, operating system and disc space. This enables you to run virtualised operating systems all in one machine. This will make uploading, managing, and securing your files easier.

Benefits of VPS


A VPS server enables you to have your own operating system. This means that you can customise services according to your needs. You have the freedom to choose and pay for the features that you need and do away with those features that you do not need.


Since your OS is solely for your own use, you are the only one who has the access to it. No other website can access your files so you can be sure that your privacy is protected always. We guarantee that your VPS resources are exclusive only for your own use.


As an important factor for growing websites, the scalability of VPS web hosting can address customers’ varied and growing needs. You also have the prerogative to use only as much or as less as you want and pay only for what you use.

You can be sure that your VPS is managed by a team of technical experts who are all knowledgeable. You can also trust that your website will be managed and maintained by our team regularly to ensure that it performs at its optimum.

A solution for you

VPS is a solution you can readily use, and through monitoring and regular updates, you can be sure that your website will deliver a stable performance and run smoothly. Contact us at Oz Web Host so you can learn more about or web hosting and VPS services. You can be sure that we can address your VPS needs and demands.

Get in touch with us so we can discuss your needs. We also want to know more about you and your business so we can tailor fit service resources according to your needs. Call our team today to ask all your questions about VPS and other business services we can provide.